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Laravel 5.5 HMVC Modular Structure

Laravel 5.5 HMVC modular structure

Laravel is the amazing framework. However when it comes to writing more complex and bigger application easily. Nowadays the Laravel is mostly used PHP framework for developing complex and bigger application. The default Laravel structure comes with cumbersome and not ideal.

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Laravel Faker Generate Dummy Data For Testing

Laravel Faker generate dummy data for testing

Nowadays, The Laravel is the most popular framework. The most of the project is developed on the Laravel. On the many projects, we need to test project with many dummy data. If we create the testing data then it will take too much time. So let’s see, how we can create the much more data without westing the time.

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Laravel Html To Excel Directly From Blade File Using Excel Maatwebsite

Laravel html to excel directly from blade file using Excel Maatwebsite

Laravel HTML to excel file directly from the blade view HTML table. It’s too easy and the fastest way to generate excel file from HTML table. Without blade view file we need to create the code for the generating the excel file. We need to set the array to the proper column format for generating the excel sheet. Now, forget all those things and just create the table on the Laravel blade view file.

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How To Set Custom Payload On Laravel JWT?

How to set custom payload on Laravel JWT?

How we can set the custom payload on Laravel JWT auth package. The payload means many times we need to store some user related detail in the session when user login. Something like user education, jobs etc.. related data. So we want to store more user related detail on JWT auth token.


Let’s how we can set custom payload on JWT auth token.

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