PHP stands for Personal Home Page. PHP is also known as Hypertext processor language. Today, We are going to start with our first PHP Program PHP Hello World. In any programming language, We start by writing out first ‘Hello World’ program in PHP.  So, Let’s we are going to starting with our first PHP program PHP Hello World.

PHP Hello World

First of all, We should create the PHP file for the Hello World program. So, let’s create the PHP file at “C:\xampp\htdocs\first\helloworld.php” then write the code like.

Now, let’s run that PHP file and check the output. Let’s open “http://localhost/first/helloworld.php” URL on your browser. The PHP program output something look like.

Hello World!

So, First PHP program output is print on the browser “Hello World!”. I hope this example is working for you. If you face any issue related this example please write the comment.