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WordPress Set BCC To All E-mails

WordPress set BCC to all e-mails

WordPress sometimes we need to also send email on BCC. It’s not possible to set BCC on all emails one by one. WordPress provide hook functionality using hook we can set the BCC on all emails. it’s the smart way to used hook instead of did more coding.

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WordPress – Disable HTML In Comment

WordPress – Disable HTML in comment

How we can disable HTML tag on WordPress comment using Hook. If HTML tags are enabled Hackers enter javascript code on the comment and hack the WordPress. If you are used the WordPress for blogging you must disable the HTML code from the comment after installing the WordPress.

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How To Get The Last Inserted Record Id On Codeigniter?

How to get the last inserted record Id on Codeigniter?

The Codeigniter is the Lightweight fast and object-oriented PHP Framework. Sometimes we need the last inserted record Id for inserting the related data into another table. When we are working on product module at that time we insert product data to the database and also we need to insert product-related data like product attribute insert to the database we need the product id for stored attribute data.

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How To Set Custom Payload On Laravel JWT?

How to set custom payload on Laravel JWT?

How we can set the custom payload on Laravel JWT auth package. The payload means many times we need to store some user related detail in the session when user login. Something like user education, jobs etc.. related data. So we want to store more user related detail on JWT auth token.


Let’s how we can set custom payload on JWT auth token.

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