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Find Free To Use Images From Google Images

Find free to use images from Google images

If you are a blogger like me then every time you need to find images for every blog. Generally, we are using the Google Images for finding the best image for the blog. But before download images from Google, we need to make sure the image is free to use or not. Because you can’t use the commercial image ( without pay ) on the blog.  So let’s how to find free to use images from google images tool.

We can easily find the images as we want from Google Images. Google Provides an awesome tool Google Advance Images search for searching images as we want. Google Advance Images search allow us to find images on specific Words, Color, Size, Aspect Ratio, Image Type, Region, Site, Rights etc…

Using the Rights option of Google Advanced Search we can find the Free to use images for the blog. So Let’s open the Google Advanced Search.

Now, Select option as your requirement for images but don’t forget to select usage rights “Free to use or share” as per your requirement You can find more option about the Images rights.


Find free to use images from Google images

As per above image don’t forget to select “Free to use or share” option before search any image. Write the comment below if you have any question.


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