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Google API – Requests To This API Must Be Over SSL

Google API – Requests to this API must be over SSL

When we are using the Google API many times we are getting “Requests to this API must be over SSL” error like

    "destination_addresses": [ ],
    "error_message": "Requests to this API must be over SSL.",
    "origin_addresses": [ ],
    "rows": [ ],
    "status": "REQUEST_DENIED"

I am trying to fetch the lat and long from address using Google geolocation API.,+Mountain+View,+CA

I used SSL certified website and create the call from the SSL certified website on the “http://” So for that, i am getting this kind of error from google.

Just I need to change the “https://” instead of “http://” that is the solution  for this like,+Mountain+View,+CA

Now, it’s working fine.

If you face any kind of issue on geolocation API write the comment below.


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