Nowadays, PHP is a highly used language for Web development. So, Today we are going to learn file upload functionality. PHP file upload functionality is very easy and almost every application has file upload functionality. So, We must have knowledge about How to upload file on PHP. So, let see how to upload a file using PHP programming. You must have some basic knowledge of HTML for creating form.

PHP File upload

First of all, We are going to create the HTML form. So, let’s create the fileupload.html HTML file. Then write the following code.

We are ready with the HTML form. Now, let’s create the PHP code for handling the uploaded file and store it into the directory. First of all, create the fileupload.php PHP file. Then write the following PHP code.

Finally, We are ready with the PHP file upload code. Before, running PHP file upload example please create the uploads directory at the root directory of your project. Then after selecting a file and upload it and check the file is stored on uploads directory.

If you face any issue after following the code please write the comment below. We are always ready for help.

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