Create ZIP file using command Linux/Ubuntu

Create ZIP file using command Linux/Ubuntu

  • 14 July, 2018
  • Renish Khunt
  • Ubuntu

The Linux/UbuntuĀ is the command base operating system. Nowadays, the operating system provides powerful GUI system. We don’t need to learn command but when we need to create zip and unzip directory on a server using SHS command at that time we need command. So let’s see today we are going to learn how to create ZIP file using command Linux/Ubuntu.

If zip is not installed on your system please install it using below command.

sudo apt-get install zip gzip tar

After, installing zip let’s create the zip file using a command.

Create ZIP file using command Linux/Ubuntu

zip -r my_folder

Using above command we able to create file

“-r” means we can create recursive zip file
“” zip file name
“my_folder” is the path of directory that you want to make zip


Above command is used for extract zip file.

So, it’s too easy to create a zip file and extract zip file using the command line.

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