How to remove html tags from string using PHP

How to remove HTML tags from string programmatically. let’s see the two easy way to remove HTML tags from the string using “strip_tags” and “preg_replace”. So let’s see how to remove HTML code from the string using “strip_tags”.

$string = strip_tags(“Hello <b>world!</b>);

We used the ‘strip_tags’ function for removing the HTML tags from the string. so it’s very easy to remove HTML using “strip_tags”. But the “strip_tags” add space after removing the tags from the string like.

$string = strip_tags(“Hello<b>world!</b>);

The output of the above statement is “Hello world!” instead of “Helloworld!”. so let’s see the another trick for removing only HTML tags without adding the space.

$string = preg_replace(#<[^>]+>#’, ‘ ‘, ‘Hello<b>world!</b>’);

The output of the above function is “Helloworld!” instead of “Hello world!”.

If you face any issue after using this code please write a comment below.